Invited Speakers

Prof. Zoran Bojkovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Zoran Bojkovic is full professor of Electrical Engineering University of Belgrade, Serbia, Life Senior Member of IEEE, full member of Engineering Academy of Serbia, member of Scientific Society of Serbia, member of Athens Institute for Education and Research ATINER. He was and still is visiting professor worldwide. He is author/co-author of more than 470 publications: monographies, books (Prentice -Hall, Wiley, Mc Graw Hill, Springer, CRC Press Taylor&Francis Group, IGI GLOBAL, WSEAS Press), book chapters, peer-reviewed journal, conference and symposium papers. Some of the books have been translated in China, India, Canada, Singapore. His research focuses on computer networks, multimedia communications, 3D video coding, smart grid, green communications, 5G and beyond. He is a highly regarded expert in the IEEE, contributing to the growth of communication industry and society reviewing process in many books and journals as well as organizing special sessions workshops and being General Chair and TPC member at numerous conferences all over the world. The other activities include serving as Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor in international journals WSEAS, NAUN and IARAS.


Dr. Dragorad Milovanovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Dragorad Milovanovic received the Dipl. Electr. Eng. and Magistar degree from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. From 1987 to 1991, he was a Research Assistant and PhD researcher from 1991 to 2001 at the Department of Electrical Engineering, where his interest includes simulation&analysis of digital communications systems. He has been working as R&D engineer for DSP software development in digital television industry. Also, he is serving as an ICT lecturer and consultant in digital television and medicine/sports informatics for implementation standard-based solutions. He participated in research/innovation projects and published more than 250 papers in international journals and conference proceedings. He also, co-authored text-books/chapters in multimedia communications published by Prentice Hall (2002), Wiley (2005), CRC Press (2009, 2019, 2020), Springer-Verlag (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) and IGI Global (2017, 2019, 2020). Present projects include adaptive coding of 3D-Video, QoE immersive media, IoMT and Big media integration, 5G wireless technology.

Title: 5G MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS: An evolution of Green Networks

Speakers: Zoran Bojkovic, Dragorad Milovanovic