Registration / 注册项目明细

Student rate is ONLY applicable for students who are FIRST authors and attached their student' ID card copy when register. Payment of fees must accompany all registration forms. Your registration WILL NOT be confirmed until payment is received in full. 

    Registration Types
    Fee (In RMB Yuan)
    Fee (In US Dollar)
    Early Registration
    (By March 1, 2022)
    *Author (Regular)
    RMB 3450
    USD 485
    *Author (TPC Member)
    RMB 3350
    USD 465
    *Author (Student)
    RMB 3250
    USD 450
    **Author (Virtual Presentation)
    RMB 2700
    USD 400
    **Student Author (Virtual Presentation) RMB 2550 USD 380
    (Abstract/Oral Presentation)
    RMB 2250
    USD 350
    (Abstract/ Virtual Presentation)

    RMB 2100
    USD 300
    Regular Registration
    (After March 1, 2022)
    *Author (Regular)
    RMB 3700
    USD 515
    *Author (TPC Member)
    RMB 3500
    USD 490
    *Author (Student)
    RMB 3350
    USD 465
    **Author (Virtual Presentation)
    RMB 2850
    USD 420
    **Student Author (Virtual Presentation) RMB 2700 USD 400
    (Abstract/Oral Presentation)
    RMB 2550
    USD 380
    (Abstract/ Virtual Presentation)
    RMB 2350
    USD 330
    Other Optional
    Registration Items
    RMB 1950
    USD 270
    *****Listener (Student)
    RMB 1550
    USD 215
    *****Listener (Virtual Conference) RMB 1300 USD 200
    *****Student Listener (Virtual Conference) RMB 1000 USD 150
    Additional Paper
    RMB 2500
    USD 350
    Additional Page (Up to 10)
    RMB 200
    USD 30
    One Day Tour
    USD 20
    Extra Proceedings (Hardcopy)
    RMB 150
    USD 20

    *Author: making an oral presentation of the paper which will be published by the proceedings.
    **Author (Virtual Presentation): making an online or video presentation of the paper which will be published by the proceedings.
    *** Presenter (Oral Presentation only): making an oral presentation on the conference without paper publishing.
    ****Presenter(Virtual Presentation): making an online or video presentation on the conference without paper publishing.
    *****Listener: Participating in the conference only as a non-presenter, without presentation and paper publication.

♦One regular registration can cover a paper within Ten pages, including all figures, tables, and references. 
♦One regular registration with one or more additional papers has only ONE proceedings copy.
♦Registrations accompanying accepted papers must be received before the deadline and are non-refundable.

Special Message!

The conference organising committees is aware of the current developments regarding the novel coronavirus and we understand that some participants are now facing travel restrictions and may have to either cancel their participation. Therefore the option to do remote presentation is offered to encourage participants to continue with their presentations virtually by online conference, video conference, etc. Please note online presentation session will be arranged during the conference. We welcome your participation!
Subsequently, for a safer conference environment, the organizer will actively take protective measures such as, to remind every participant to wear the mask during the conference, take every participant's temperature before they enter and provide alcohol-based hand rub during the conference, etc.

Refund Policy

If the participants request cancellation and refund due to personal reasons, the following refund policy applies.
♦ 60 days ahead of the conference: 70% of payment refund
♦ 30-60 days ahead of the conference: 50% of payment refund
♦ Within 30 days ahead of the conference: no refund
Cancellation and refund request must be made formally via email. No shows will not be refunded. The organizing committees is not responsible for problems beyond our control such as weather conditions, campus conditions, travel difficulties, visa problems, health issues, etc.

♦ The organizing committees reserves the right to change the dates and place of the conference due to force majeure.
♦ The losses thus incurred from the force majeure events shall not be liabled and refunds policy shall not apply as well.

1. Please fill the information and complete the payment via Online Payment System
2. You need to email filled listener registration form including Payment Order ID & Payment Email to and wait for the secretary‘s comfirmation.

3. Confirmed by the conference secretary, then listener registration succeeds. Please print and bring Order ID & Payment Email file when you arrive.

For safety consideration, please take good care of your belongings in the public places. Please bring your name badge for entering the conference hall. Please do not lend your name badge to people who are not involved with the conference. Please do not take irrelevant people to enter the conference rooms. The Organizers shall not be held responsibility for any loss of personal finance or belongings.